Letter: Thank you Rep. Smith for planning ahead of disasters


Our area has felt the effects of heavy rain, flooding and wind damage due to hurricanes and tropical systems over the past several years. The 2020 hurricane season is here, and our leaders and citizens must all keep a watchful eye over the coming months.

Thankfully, we have leaders who are being proactive in preparing for the next natural disaster. State Rep. Murrell Smith continues to support a resilience revolving fund that would help our state recover faster from natural disasters.

This fund would offer low-interest loans to local governments for the 25% match needed for Federal Emergency Management Agency grants.

Overall, this fund would save taxpayers money, promote conservation efforts and help citizens relocate out of floodplains.

While this bill may not pass this session due to the impacts of the coronavirus, we should all take the time to thank Rep. Smith for his forward-thinking approach to help the citizens of our state recover and encourage him to support this legislation again next year.